Who Are We?

Top to Toe Fitness is a Kent Based fitness company. We teach one to one sessions, group fitness sessions and small group fitness sessions. Top to Toe was launched in 2014 by Charlotte Shaw. 

At Top to Toe Fitness we like to ensure that all exercises are performed correctly, ensuring maximum results.  Our policy is Safety first. All classes are planned in advance and there will always be a variety of equipment which will ensure that the classes are always different, this way you can guarantee that you are always using different muscle groups.

Top to Toe get to know their clients and Charlotte is always available to chat through any concerns you may have.  Our ethos is to help you in every step of your journey toward becoming a healthier and fitter person. Our focus is on fun, motivation and encouragement, NOT screaming and shouting.

Why Choose Top to Toe?

We believe that everyone needs to get the most out of a class. We strive to help people achieve their goals. We don't have unlimited numbers at our group classes, that way we can ensure people are working to the best of their ability and most importantly exercising safely and correctly. In doing this you will get the results you want.

What We Offer.

Top to Toe Fitness offer private one to one training sessions, either at your home or at a near by park. This is a great opportunity to develop a personal programme to help you reach and achieve your goals. 

We have a variety of classes, an Outdoor Bootcamp that is designed to help improve cardiovascular health, this class provides an all over body workout. All levels of fitness are welcome, even if you are a beginner. 

We have two Metafit Classes per week. Metafit is the origianl HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training) desiged to change your body, burn fat and help increase endurance.  

A Bit About Charlotte

Hi, I’m Charlotte Shaw, I am a Fitness Instructor based in Tunstall, Sittingbourne. I qualified in Qatar in the Middle East in 2012. 

Exercise became a huge part of my day to day life when I lived in Qatar and I soon decided I wanted to help people become healthier and fitter, I trained as a Fitness Instructor and I soon started teaching group classes, spin classes and small kettle-bell groups. 

I took clients on a one to one basis where I provided dedicated fitness regimes tailored to their capabilities, which were reviewed and modified as their fitness levels improved. 

Helping people reach their goals, increase their fitness level and loose weight I find both personally rewarding and enjoyable. After having my daughter a year ago I decided to launch Top to Toe Fitness. We currently have two classes per week and gaining a strong following. 

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