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Our Classes

“We are all in it together”

Group sessions are a great way to find motivation and accountability while working with a trainer who can provide assistance with form and help you get results!

This is why group fitness is perfect for days when your workout motivation is low. We have a full timetable offering 15 sessions per week, so whatever your schedule, we have you covered!

Classes are sold in packs, but don't worry you have plenty of time to use your sessions but we encourage you to get train consistently each week in order to get the results you want.

Fit HiiT


This class is for everyone from beginners to fitness junkies.


HiiT is all about working out in short bursts for a short amount of time. The method behind the madness is to elevate your heart rate over a 20-30 second period followed by rest then repeat.


HiiT training is one of my most favourite ways to work out, It is fairly quick, suitable for all fitness abilities and gets you results!!!! HiiT training performed correctly can burn fat for 24 hours even after you have finished training. 


I have been coaching HiiT for 8 years and pride myself on form and technique, so you can expect a fully coached class, burn heaps of calories and leave feeling great!

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LIFT is aimed at those who would benefit from introducing resistance and strength training into their workouts. To add a different dynamic to your lifestyle and to experience the benefits of weight training.


  • Boosted energy and mood

  • Feeling stronger

  • Increased mobility

  • Learn how to lift correctly

  • Helps with weight gain

  • All fitness abilities and genders

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Charlotte is so kind, helpful and supportive. She tailors each session to cater for every level of ability. There really is no excuse not to come!


it has taken 8 plus years to get my figure back to how it once was before pregnancy and although I’m not quite there yet, I can see the gradual changes and it’s a real boost to continue. I’m totally hooked and beyond grateful.

I love the team of ladies and men we have each morning we attend and it’s a great start to our day.

It can be intense at times, but we fully embrace every challenge you throw in our direction!!!


My overall fitness has massively increased and I turned 40 the fittest in my life thanks to Charlotte. Highly recommend to everyone, regardless of fitness levels.


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